Keto Maintenance

Hey everyone!! It’s been a while and I have missed you all!! Here is an update on my personal Keto journey. I’m still in love with this way of life and I am beyond blessed to have stumbled upon it several years back. I have been in a maintenance mindset with keto for about 7 or 8 months. I do still have some weight that I would like to lose but I am healthier and happier than I have been in decades! I’m not stressing over these last couple of pounds. These last few months, I have been contemplating and working on a series of small publications to help my readers and followers find the success that I have found. It is FUN!! I will let you know when the first one is ready. My goal is to cut through the confusion and simplify the process. I would LOVE some feedback from you as to what you would find most helpful in these publications. One thing I have discovered since Keto has gone mainstream is that there is a lot of false information out there and a lot of ideas that are making the process harder than it needs to be. Also, a lot of people who know nothing about true keto are out there selling a watered down version of it just to make sales. Watered down keto will not work!! Supplements are another thing that folks are pushing to make a dime on the keto trend. Supplements are a waste of your money and you will just pee them right down the toilet! There is no magic pill for weight loss but there is a way of life that works like magic if you are willing to do it! I was a food/carb addict! I medicated with food and was a borderline type 2 diabetic! I used to not be able to imagine life without being able to indulge in whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it! I just didn’t want to have to tell myself no! At my lowest point, my kids were getting older and my daughter had announced that she was going to be getting married on the beach in about 6 months!! My first thought was, “I cannot attend my daughter’s wedding by the beautiful ocean and be mistaken for a beached whale!” Harsh, I know, but I began looking at my options right away. I chose keto and never looked back. I won’t retell the journey because you can read it in previous posts but I will tell you that I went a year and a half before I ever went over 25 carbs a day! Why? Number 1 was actually because of how awesome I felt and number 2 was the fact that I was shrinking!! When the thought of cheating came into my mind, I just knew that I never wanted to feel as bad as I had before keto. I was now addicted to the increased energy, clarity of mind and hunger control that properly done keto provided.

I Am a Gigi Now!!! My first grandchild!

Fast forward to today. For me, maintenance means that I take some days off here and there. You will get there as well but not too soon. If you slip back before your body has become fully fat adapted or before you have a handle on food addiction, then you may not be able to maintain your new lifestyle! I have been living keto long enough to listen to my body. I am able to admit when I overdo the carbs and I know when to reel it in and get back to where I need to be! If I take a weekend off and feel yucky, I will either fast for a day or two to allow the carbs to be used up or I will drop my carb macro down to 10 or less for several days. Exercise such as running will also help get you right back into ketosis and feeling great again. There are several ways to maintain your new way of life and it is up to you to experiment and find a method that you can live with in order to not throw away all of your hard work!

I like to keep my posts on the shorter side because we are all busy and our brains can only absorb so much information at a time. I am going to continue with this topic of maintenance over the next several posts because we will spend MUCH more time on the maintenance phase of keto than the losing phase. Happy Valentine’s DAY! Remember , Russell Stover’s make EXCELLENT sugar free candy!!

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