Stay Keto, Feel Great!

I hope ya’ll are having a great summer! I know that I am! I have yet to reach my goal weight…20 pounds left to lose, but I am neither worried nor distressed about that. Why? As I have stated many times before, Keto has changed my life and I will never go back to the way things were before. I’m not going to call this period in my keto journey a “stall” or a “plateau” because to be honest, I have not been trying very hard. I’ve been going to Cedar Fair’s Kings Island a lot with the family this summer and I usually choose to eat what I can from our dining deal, not worrying about carbs on those days. With so much walking and the heat, I’m not going to beat myself up over this. I usually fast until dinner the following day and I will eat little to no carbs.

Am I recommending that you do what I do? Not really. Am I recommending that you ignore this post and not gain some insight from my journey? Not that either. Do what you will with the information provided here. I am just sticking to my original promise to you that I would be real. Here is one thing that I DO want you to take away from my post today: I have not gained back ONE pound. For those of you who have been on and off diets many times during your lifetime, you will understand how profound this is. Any and all diets that I had ever attempted in the past would not have allowed me to accomplish such a feat. Why? Keto heals your body…it breaks addictions…it causes you to have a healthy relationship with food…it works if you let it. This is my 3rd year of keto. I did not cheat one time during the first year and a half and I still believe that this is a critical first step for food addicts like I was back then. Had I approached carbs the same way that I am doing now 3 years ago, I don’t believe that I would have broken my addiction to food. I had to go cold turkey. Going hard-core in the beginning allowed me to experience what life felt like when it wasn’t centered around food. The way that keto feels is amazing…..the energy, the mental clarity, the lack of hunger, but these feelings do not happen right away.

So, please don’t take my post here today as a license to “cheat” and please don’t think that I am being a hypocrite by what I write. Look at today’s post as a snapshot of what maintenance might look like for you. This is about lifestyle changes and permanent changes, not about a short term “diet” fix. For me, I have toyed with these last 20 pounds long enough so I am getting some more ketostix, dusting off my ol’ macro calculator and getting down to business. Meanwhile, I am still over 50 ponds lighter than I was and I feel great!

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