Keto Rules; Fat is NOT a Lever and It certainly IS a goal!

Lately, the following phrase has popped up in a large number of FB groups and blogs; “fat is a lever, not a goal”. NO, NO, NO!! That phrase is a train wreck and it needs to die!! It is all WRONG for keto!! It may be able to be applied to Atkins or Paleo….but definately not for keto! Ironically, all over these groups that post and repost this nonsense you also find members who end up giving up on keto because it “doesn’t work”, or they claim that they cannot get into ketosis. They complain about being hungry all of the time and they don’t understand why they aren’t experiencing the awesome benefits of keto such as the clarity of mind, high energy or the absence of sugar cravings! Today, I want to cover this topic because all of us together can help educate as many people as possible so that they learn the CORRECT way to live the Keto life. Knowledge is power! So now let’s dig into the reasons why this phrase is so deadly to a person’s success with Keto.

First and foremost, the “fat is a lever” statement goes against the very foundation of of Keto….that foundation being our macros! In the beginning of everyone’s keto journey we discover that we should be consuming approximately 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs. Follow these guidelines and 95% of people will enter ketosis within a few days. If a person decides not to set macros that fit Keto, they may decide to go low carb and then the “fat is a lever” phrase could apply, but it definitely does not apply to keto! However, most of us has done low carb unsuccessfully in the past and that is why we have switched to Keto. Once you decide to go Keto, meeting your fat macro is CRITICAL, especially while you are in the process of becoming fat adapted.

Why is it so critical to meet your fat macro? It’s best explained in terms of insulin spikes. In layman’s terms, intake of too many carbs and too much protein will cause our bodies to dump insulin into our bloodstream {insulin spike}. Insulin spikes are the main driver behind obesity. Whenever insulin is prevalent, ketosis will be reduced. So what will cause these insulin spikes? Too manyor the wrong kind of carbs and too much protein. Fat does not cause insulin spikes. So, there you have it….if you would like to prevent insulin spikes, you want to limit your carbs and protein! If you want a “lever” in your keto diet, make it protein…NOT fat! Not hitting the protein macro will not effect the keto benefits that I mentioned above. Not hitting your fat macro will!

As Dr. Berg states in the above quote, when you can control your insulin, you can control your hunger and sugar cravings.

So what exactly happens when you don’t meet your fat goal for the day? The most important thing for beginners would be that they wouldn’t get that awesome satisfied feeling of fullness that fat provides. For those who aren’t beginners, fat ensures that we maintain energy and the clarity of mind that adequate fat intake provides. I found it very eye opening that the groups that I belong to which do not support the, “fat is a lever” concept do not have people posting that they are always hungry or that they cannot get into ketosis. You don’t see the whiny posts about how they are soooo tired and ready to give up! There are no posts about giving up and walking away because it’s just not working. Coincidence? I think not!

To sum it up, keto has been and always will be a way of life that embraces healthy fats and appreciates how important they are to our body! Do the research and be confident in what you learn so that you can teach other people. I have noticed that most of the folks who quote that nonsense don’t have any facts or examples to back up their claim….kind of like sheep blindly following a shepherd. Don’t be a sheep! It is never my goal to criticize people but is always my utmost desire to see people be successful and not give up on this! Keto on!

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