Springtime in “Keto” Town!

Spring time can be a magical time for everyone! Around here, my thoughts tend to turn towards new life and new gardening ideas around our little farm.

Our newest batch of Chicks! Sweet little peeps.

This year we have been blessed with these little chicks and a new baby goat! I already have plans for all of the extra yummy eggs that we will get and I cannot wait to experiment with Goat’s milk!

Our new baby we named Snowball! She was born on the coldest day of the year!

In addition to these blessings, I have began planning my garden. I am extra excited this year because my main focus in the garden this year is keeping it keto! Yes, most veggies are pretty keto already but many of them are not. No more carrots, potatoes, peas, corn or melons for me. I am focusing on lettuces, green beans, spaghetti squash, Zucchini, radishes, berries, peppers and tomatillas! So many possibilities!

I realize that everyone isn’t a gardener and my reason for this post isn’t necessarily to convince you to become one (although, you might surprise yourself if you venture into this hobby). The purpose of this post is to encourage you to weave your new keto lifestyle into every aspect of your life. Also, learning a new hobby or tweaking one that you already have will reinforce the great changes that you are making in your life. Gardening is therapeutic. It gets you outside and active. It is also extremely rewarding and best of all, it can save you LOTS of money! One unexpected result will be that will discover some veggies that you didn’t like before taste pretty good right out of the garden. New varieties of lettuces, fresh spinach, radishes, berries and green beans all taste SO much better freshly picked! In fact, a lot of people who couldn’t stand the taste of spinach actually found that it was delicious when it was plucked from the garden. Herbs are another fun thing to grow yourself and they are pretty easy to grow. One of the positive aspects to growing herbs is that you don’t have to grow them outside if you don’t want to. They can be grown in a bright windowsill or on your kitchen counter.

To sum it up, anything that you can do to reinforce the positive changes you have already made through keto, will help those changes become permanent! One of the reasons that “diets” do not work is the fact that a person’s mind set while dieting is usually on a “pause” mode. That means that they think their life must be put on hold until their diet is “over”….they tend to not put much effort into anything new until they have had enough of their “diet” and they decide to go back to “normal”. Changing habits is critical to acknowledging that your “old way” of eating and living no longer exists. Weave your new way of eating into new and existing habits and hobbies so that it would be difficult and even sad to give those things up. Connect new neuron pathways in your brain in order to help you put to death the way you used to think. This can be powerful and very affirming. We are all capable of learning to care for our bodies in a new and better way in order to improve our quality of life.

What new hobbies and habits can you begin to work on today? Think about that and explore things that interest you! One of those can be exercise! We will explore this one in my next post.

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