Putting Together an Easy Keto Menu

I would like to spend this post teaching you how to develop a simple Keto menu that you can go back to time and time again. Not a fancy menu, which you can develop as well, but a functional one that you can practically memorize. You should be able to run to the grocery without a list or snoop in your pantry or fridge for a quick meal without having to pull out a recipe book, computer or your smart phone. It’s not as difficult as you may think! Keep in mind that there is wondrous variety and fancy menus can be developed from the keto menu choices that are available to us, but it is not always necessary to be fancy! Most times life calls us to be quick and efficient. A lifelong commitment to the Keto way of life will require a healthy combination of both. When you want to work on your fancy Keto menu, you can create it by copying recipes from Pinterest and other great resources that are reliable. I have been building a menu/recipe collection from Pinterest for about 2 years now. Feel free to look it over. I have tried to only pin things that have minimal advertisements and are not “bait” pages to lure you to another site. https://www.pinterest.com/javamamaof7/

Now we move on to the more simple go to menu building skill. Take a look at the Keto food pyramid. Spend some time getting familiar with it and that will help you have a knowledge base of what you will be eating the most verses what you will be consuming the least.

With a basic understanding of the Keto Food Pyramid in mind, begin planning meals and the items you will keep available to you for simple meals. You will need a protein, 1 or 2 veggie selections and fat. So, step one is to pick your protein: Chicken, beef, eggs, fish or deli meat. Next, pick your veggies: Mixed green salad, sliced cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, green beans, celery, zucchini or green pepper. Lastly, choose your fat keeping in mind that you total fat needs to exceed your total protein: Butter, sugar free Mayonnaise, coconut oil, Ghee, cheese, avocado, blue cheese or ranch dressing, nuts or pork rinds. With these building blocks you can create several meals. Here are some examples: Canned Salmon or tuna with some chopped celery and a little onion with mayo served on about 3 cups of salad greens. Add some dressing if desired. Make a cheeseburger with a side of cheesy broccoli, green pepper slices and ranch dressing. Pan fry some chicken in your choice of oil and serve with some green beans that you have cooked with some bacon slices in it for flavor. Take some deli meat and roll it around some string cheese and lettuce leaves. Dip them in mayo or dressing and serve with some crunchy pork rinds. Sliced avocado goes great with almost anything and it helps you get in your healthy fats. One of my favorite quick meals is Pimento cheese and celery or cucumbers! SO easy and SO quick!

You get the idea. So, take a few minutes to jot down your favorite proteins, veggies and fats and then go crazy! Create your own combos and go-to meals so that you never have to be without good, keto choices. Keep these basics around and experiment with foods that you may have thought you didn’t like. Your tastes will change as you free yourself from carbs and sugar. You may be surprised at what tastes good to you now. You have your project for this week, let’s see what you can come up with!

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